Multimodal transportation is when one shipment is delivered by several kinds of transportation, being transferred from one vehicle to another at transport points. For example, first the shipment is transported to a railway terminal by road vehicles and loaded into carriages. Such transportation is needed quite often. Sometimes, it is simply impossible to deliver cargo using one means of transportation, and two or more have to be used. And sometimes, shipping by one means of transport is not economically viable. Then, a considerable amount of money is saved by using multiple vehicles.

When ordering multimodal transportation, the main advantage for the cargo owner is that they entrust the whole process to just one party. Then, the logistics company controls every stage of cargo transfer and transportation, and bears the responsibility for it. GreenCor Logistics provides multimodal transportation of any difficulty level, taking into account the specifics of the cargo and the means of transport used, as well as all the nuances of the paperwork.

Our thorough, individual approach to each request is what helps us develop maximally effective cargo delivery schemes. This would be impossible to do without the high level of professionalism and the coordinated team of GreenCor Logistics. The main goal of our staff is to intelligently build the whole transport chain and find the most effective solutions to ensure reliability, as well as meet transportation deadlines, while taking into account the characteristics of the transferred goods and the client’s wishes.

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