The most economically viable way to transport goods

GreenCor Logistics specializes in container shipment of any difficulty. Depending on the transportation route of the cargo, its type and specifics, we develop the optimal plan that meets all your criteria. Sea freight allows you to deliver your cargo to anywhere in the world in the most economically viable way. Thanks to our professional team, your cargo will be in complete safety.

Because of our cooperation with a large number of shipping lines, we can offer our clients the following services:

  • Freight modes using any type of container
  • Transportation from practically any port in the world, including both sea and river ports
  • Organizing door-to-door container shipping
  • Transportation of any type/kind of cargo (solid, loose, liquid, flammable, etc.)
  • Consolidating cargo and transferring it in ports

For cargo that is difficult or impossible to ship in containers, we find our own appropriate solutions. For shiploads (large shipments) of such cargo we rent a separate vessel, picking it based on all the parameters the cargo requires and coordinating the requirements of the loading and unloading ports. For smaller shipments we choose the most suitable non-container shipping lines – bulk lines, RO/RO, etc., organizing further land transportation if needed.

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